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About Exceptional Guitars

Hello! My name is Alan Buchalter, and I am the founder and manager of Exceptional Guitars. I am 56 years old and have been on a "Guitar Quest" since the 1970's. My very understanding wife is the owner of the business. In my other life, I am a real estate attorney and a licensed architect and I practice law in the beautiful Willamette Valley in Lane County Oregon. But more importantly to you, my fellow guitar afficionados... I am CRAZY about guitars... all kinds of guitars... especially EXCEPTIONAL GUITARS. I would be pleased to share my enthusiasm for Exceptional Guitars with you!

I've been buying, selling and trading guitars for almost 40 years. I bought my first electric guitar, a well-used 1965 Gibson ES-335 in vintage sunburst, at a pawn shop in 1970 for $225. I played this wonderful guitar through a gutsy used Black Face Fender Twin Reverb in a high school garage band. I got my first Martin flattop in college in 1972, a sweet sounding used Martin 000-28 (Brazilian Rosewood) which I bought from Matt Umanov in Greenwich Village in NYC. I wish I still had those guitars and that amp today!

Exceptional Guitars has been a Blueridge dealer for a several years now, and just recently became a dealer for George Lowden Guitars, a proud accomplishment! As Exceptional Guitars grows, we hope to become dealers for a few more premiere luthiers and guitar manufacturers so that we can add more select high end new guitars to our inventory. We are also dealers for a limited range of accessories, including acoustic guitar pickups (Fishman, Highlander), guitar strings , amp speakers (Webber, Celestion) and cases, for the convenience of our customers.

Like many of our customers, we here at Exceptional Guitars love learning and talking about guitars, and have had the good fortune to bump into, either in person or through the magic of the internet, many fine folks with a similar passion and interest in the subject. We look forward to hearing from you about your interests, opinions and experiences with what you think are Exceptional Guitars, and welcome any user feedback about our website which we hope to further develop and improve over time.

Below are some photos of friends and family having fun playing music. I'm too old and crotchity now to become a rock star...but there's very little in life I enjoy more than playing and listening to Exceptional Guitars. I hope to do some recording and local performing in the future.

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