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The Blues Monkeys Promo Photo

The BLUES MONKEYS are a semi-fictional, legendary blues-comedy duo comprised of long-time friends and local Lane County Oregon residents “KOS” (Alan Buchalter) and “Wailin’ White Legs Daniels” (Ross Daniels). Theoretically, the Blues Monkeys were formed in 2000, but we have only played three gigs. For the past ten years, KOS and White Legs have dreamed of touring the local retirement home circuit.

We call ourselves the Blues Monkeys because while we love the blues, sometimes we get the blues, and we try to play the blues… we really don’t know what the hell we are doing. We realize we are just copying what we’ve seen real blues players do… its like Monkey See, Monkey Doo. Speaking of Monkey Doo… the comedy portion of our act is unique.

The Blues Monkeys readily admit: “We’re middle-aged, middle-class white guys with minimal musical talent who have no right to play the Blues… but we’re gonna do it anyway!” To date, our blues repertoire includes only two songs: “Poor Man’s Shoe Shine” (Mark Hummel harmonica tune) and “Gulf Blues” (first song KOS ever wrote), but we are planning on learning a new song this Winter!

To contact the Blues Monkeys, you can send email to: alanbuchalter@yahoo.com or call (541) 946-8456. Check YouTube for future Blues Monkey videos. Hear “Gulf Blues” by the Blues Monkeys submitted to Eugene Weekly Magazine’s Song Contest @ http://nextbigthingeugene.com See photos below from our recent photo shoot:

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