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New EG Website Officially Launched 12/03/04
by Alan Buchalter  |  Dec 3, 2004

Despite numerous unexpected delays and unrealized launch deadlines ...after tons of hard work and many late hours...we are extremely proud and very pleased to present to the Guitar World the new Exceptional Guitars website. For those of you who have visited the old EG website before, I think you will notice quite an improvement over the old format. For those of you who are just discovering Exceptional Guitars for the first time...Welcome! Come on in, take a good look around, and bookmark the EG Homepage so you can come back often to see what's new.

How to Get Around
Our intention was to make navigation around the site simple and intuitive. Just go to the grey navigation bar at the top of any page, click on the various headings and make your way around the site. If you experience any navigational glitches or other problems, please use the "Contact Us" feature and let us know what function didn't work smoothly for you. Please mention what browser/version you are using. Thanks!

"Under Construction"
The new Exceptional Guitars website should be fully functional, but it is still "under construction". I will be updating content, guitar descriptions and adding more and better photographs of the guitars over time. If you want more detailed information or additional/better pictures of a certain instrument, please use the "Contact Us" feature, let us know what you are interested in, and we will try to answer your requests as soon as we can. Your patience will be appreciated...

Prices and Specifications
We try our best to describe all of the instruments accurately and generally, to get everything just right on the website, but there is a huge amount of information to manage and update, so mistakes are possible. If you note an error, please use the "Contact Us" feature and let us know about it. Please also note that prices and policies are subject to change at any time at our sole discretion. Be sure to ask us to confirm all details about the guitar you are interested in which are important to you, including the price and other terms of the sale, at the time you inquire or place your order. You may be concerned about a particular detail that we haven't noticed or mentioned, so please ask.

Feedback on the New Website
We've tried to make the new Exceptional Guitars website one of the most attractive and functional guitar websites on the web. We would love to hear from you with your comments on the design and/or function of our new website, particularly if you have experienced any problems in using it or have suggestions for improvement. Thanks for checking out this announcement...now please go enjoy the Exceptional Guitars.

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Alan Buchalter is the manager of Exceptional Guitars. He has been buying, selling and trading guitars for over 30 years.
Please Note: On-line prices, quantities, descriptions and policies subject to change without notice.
Please confirm these at time of order.
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