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EG Is Now A Blueridge Dealer!
by Alan Buchalter  |  Dec 1, 2004

Exceptional Guitars is pleased to announce that we are now an authorized dealer for Blueridge Guitars distributed by Saga Music located in San Francisco. The very high quality, low cost Blueridge Guitars are manufactued by highly skilled craftsman in China. They are of such high quality, and are such a good value that they are creating a lot of positive buzz in the guitar industry and are in selling like crazy.

The Blueridge Story

BR-140 and BR-160
Initially we will be carrying only the two most popular Blueridge models, the BR-140 and the BR-160. Both are based on vintage Martin dreadnaught designs. The BR-140 has solid premium Mahogany back and sides, a select solid Sitka top, and Mahogany neck, similar to a Martin D-18V. The BR-160 has solid premium Indian Rosewood back and sides, a select solid Sitka top, and a Mahogany neck, similar to a Martin D-28V. Both are beautifully constructed with excellent fit and finish and come setup nicely. They play and sound like they cost five times their actual price which is just under $500 for the BR-140 and just under $600 for the BR-160. These are REALLY nice sounding guitars and they are giving the big boys a run for their money!

Blueridge Guitars Now Available For Sale
We currently have 3 gorgeous, brand new Blueridge BR-160s and 2 BR-140s in stock. These guitars are in great demand and short supply because of their excellent tone, excellent playability and excellent value. Click here for more information on the Blueridge guitars we have in stock and how to order. Many other models of Blueridge Guitars are also available, so please let us know which ones(s) you are interested in and we can include them in our next order from Saga. You owe it to yourself to check out these amazingly affordable and extremely desirable guitars.

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Alan Buchalter is the manager of Exceptional Guitars. He has been buying, selling and trading guitars for over 30 years.
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